The company concentrates its activity towards a narrow number of financial markets and securities which
are rated maximum category as far as their solvency concerns, as well in the investment on equity
funds managed by large institutions of confirmed experience and ability.

High risk products like, "call" options and "put" options, "warrants", "futures" contracts, commodities, etc. is
not part of our portfolio management philosophy.

The customer, we assist, has the possibility to operate with this type of financial products structuring his
portfolio in an own individual way, assuming himself all the risks that may be caused.

Based on its manager's experience, the company follows all its costumers in a personalized way in order to
fulfil the requirements and offer an optimal service.

Berfid Ltd is an active member of the ASG (Swiss Asset Managers Association) and has joined to the OAD
(Organism of Self Discipline).

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